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Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Core


Cordierite Ceramic Bobbin ( Head and Bottom ) is mainly used as Ceramic Bobbin Heater.

Cordierite ceramics are extensively used in important industrial applications such as micro electronics, refractory products, heat exchanger for gas turbines ,thermal shock-resistant table ware, catalyst supports ,and porous ceramics .Low-expansion cordierite is suitable for being applied at high temperature circumstance where a good thermal shock resistance is required.



1、Strong heating ability and high efficiency

2、 High density

3、 Fine surface

4、 Good thermal conductivity

5、 Good heat-shock resisting ability


1、Electric appliance industry

2、 Automotive industry

3、 Mechanical industry

4、Engineer industry

5、 Other application with high requirement of no staining

6、Other application use in liquid and gas


Contact:  Mr. Nguyễn Xuân Tài - 0913.554.030