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This flexible joint is called a “Flexible Duct Connector.” To meet every type of installation requirement, whether it be for factory, institution, office or home; preassembled with the sheet metal permanently secured to the fabric by means of exclusive seam locks. Flexible Duct Connectors are dispensed from the carton, ready to complete fabrication faster, more efficiently, and more economically than any conventional method.

Canvas Connector also called Notch Lock
3x3x3 100′ rolls – E333 Alum – EA333 Stls – ES333

4x4x4 100′ rolls – E444 Alum – EA444 Stls – ES444

2x3x2 100′ rolls – EJ232

Features: Heavy rope sewn onto Elgen’s Neoprene, Vinlon, Hypalon & Silguard fabrics offer unsurpassed strength and holding power. Metal edges are dimpled for permanent grip.

Construction: A double folded Fabric/Metal Connector, notched for easy fabrication

High Temp Canvas Connector or Special Fabrics Flexible Duct Connector

Construction: A double folded Fabric/Metal Connector, notched for easy fabrication.

Description: Flexible duct connections are installed between the air handling equipment and the sheet metal air distribution system. This connection eliminates vibration noise in the air system

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